Native American Burial

Wing-Bain has been trusted by the Pezihutazizi Oyate for many generations to honor their Native American culture.  It began with the Hamre Funeral Home, our predecessor, forging a relationship of respect for the Dakota traditions.  We cherish our long and deep friendships with many community members.

Today, Dakota burial rites blend old and new traditions.  Funeral services often integrate both Native American spirituality and Christianity; families will invite both clergy and medicine men to lead services for their loved ones.  Each leader bringing a distinct practice which offers essential reassurance to the bereaved.

We respect the Dakota Oyate customs of guiding the deceased on another journey into the afterlife and work with the family to facilitate a meaningful send off.  Whether that is through extended wakes to allow the whole community to say goodbye, community potluck, adorning with ribbon garments, coordinating with Kit Fox Society or the Drums.  Wing Bain staff strives to recognize each tribe’s or “fire’s” unique nuances that generate healing.

What Our Families Are Saying